Skill Building Program: Summer 2022

Program Details: ( Age for eligibility: 10 to 18 years )

This summer, the School of Sports and Skills has crafted a course package particularly set to target the development of communication skills and the inculcation of Sportsmanship. The program is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Instructional

( Dates: 13th June to 7th July )     ( Days: Monday to Thursday )      ( Timings: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm )

To make this phase both enjoyable and instructional, a number of courses have been designed around Sports and Communication Skills. The courses to be included are:

  • Communication Skills
  • English Language Comprehension Skills
  • Public Speaking and Dramatic Reading
  • Team Building
  • Educational Games/Activities
  • Art
  • Football
  • Basketball

Our Team for Phase 1

Dr Uzma Masroor

Dr Uzma Masroor is a practising Clinical Psychologist and CEO/Director of a private company offering psychological services. She has been providing consultancy, Assessment and Psychological Intervention to Children and Adults. She is President of the “Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists (PACP)” and a regular member of the “American Psychological Association (APA)”. She has extensive teaching experience and also designs special curriculum plans for children to assist in individualistic and exclusive learning.

Ms Riffat Ghafoor

Ms Riffat Ghafoor has a Masters in Fine Arts. Her teaching experience spans twenty-one years. She has been certified as a result of several CIE trainings for O/IGCSE and A Levels. She has worked and still is working with several well-reputed organizations in the education sector such as NCA and TMUC. Ms Riffat is wholeheartedly committed to teaching people how to express themselves through art. She believes that an artist resides in all of us and we only have to sit down and meet them.

Ms. Sidra Farooq

Ms Sidra has a Master’s in Mass Communication and administrative experience in multiple well-reputed organizations operating in the education sector. She is also professionally a project manager, teacher trainer, and Author Engagement Manager. She has been working with children for years and her activity-based instructional techniques are what set her apart. She believes strongly that even though, as adolescents, we feel powerful and ready to take on the world but learning to shoulder our burdens together is the key to a successful future. Her viewpoint is that building connections help us create beautiful things.

Ms Semra Salik

Ms Semra Salik (PhD Scholar)  is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is associated with the Higher Education Institute of Islamabad as a teaching faculty and Student Counsellor. Ms Salik is a practising psychologist and is associated with various educational and corporate organizations promoting psychological awareness. She is a consultant to different setups during the recruitment process, staff capacity building, and other activities related to growth and development. As an advocate of Mental Health Ms Salik has been writing articles for newspapers and magazines on various themes of skill-building, social issues and the rising need for psychological awareness.

Ms Sobia Taqi

Finding interest in Literature, Ms Sobia pursued the degree of Postgraduate in English Literature and Linguistics. Along with this, she has always been an adherer to demonstrating abilities through skills. She pursued teaching and worked as a Home Room Teacher for Grade 6 and a Subject Teacher (English Language, English Literature, Sociology) at The Roots IVY. She has also worked in marketing and content creation. Ms Sobia loves to set up an engaging teaching environment as she strongly believes that children learn when they enjoy it

Mr Shahid Ahmad Khan

Mr Shahid Ahmad Khan is a football coach/mentor. He is a former international football player and a former FIFA Assistant Referee. Currently, he is the Head of the Technical Committee for the Pakistan Women Premier League. He has formerly coached the national women’s champion football club. His outstanding contributions have earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was also nominated for the category of ‘The best football coach of Pakistan’ by the International Football Initiative. He is also a coach of several current and former international women football players.

Dr Maria Farooq Maan

Dr Maria has a PhD in English Literature. She is very passionate about literature and her interests include studying stories and narratives as they relate to identity and postcolonialism. She is also a strong advocate of Pakistani writings in English and is working to achieve the indigenization of narratives. She has extensive teaching experience.

Phase 2: Experiential

( Dates: 18th July to 29th July )     ( Days and Timings to be announced later )

This part of the program will focus on creating an environment where the children will have the opportunity to implement skills such as communication, decision making, conflict resolution, and sportsmanship in real time environment. We will be providing them supervision and mentorship to make the most out of the opportunity.